The pyaction container is a Python slim image that includes all of the following pre-installed: git, the GitHub CLI, gpg and curl. The motivating use-case is developing GitHub Actions in the Python language, which is the origin of why this container includes Python, git, and the GitHub CLI. Installing the GitHub CLI requires gpg and curl, which is why these are also in the container. Since they may also be useful in implementing some actions, our container build process does not uninstall them. The pyaction container can be pulled from Docker Hub as well as the GitHub Container Registry. When using pyaction in the development of a GitHub Container Action, we recommend pulling from the GitHub Container Registry, as it is likely faster for that use-case. It is certainly not limited to GitHub Action development, and can be used for any other use-case where having the GitHub CLI running in a Docker container is desirable.

GitHub Actions Built With pyaction

The pyaction container serves as a foundation for several of our GitHub Actions. These include the following (each linked to a page with more detail):

Blog Posts About pyaction

As the author of the pyaction Docker Container, I occasionally post about this, and other software that I maintain on See my profile for a full list of such posts. Below is a selection of blog posts specifically about pyaction.