Open Source GitHub Actions for Workflow Automation


While developing research software, we have on occasion had need to implement tools to automate parts of our workflow, such as repetitive tasks, or parts of our CI/CD pipeline. Since we use GitHub to develop our research software on computational intelligence as open source projects, our choice for CI/CD and other automation is GitHub Actions, which is GitHub's built in workflow automation framework.

The remainder of this webpage features information on several of our open source GitHub Actions for workflow automation that we have made freely available to the community via the GitHub Marketplace. The page also features tools we have developed to assist in the development of GitHub Actions, such as our template repository for implementing GitHub Actions in Python, as well as Docker containers developed to facilitate developing GitHub Actions.

All tools available on this page are developed by Vincent A. Cicirello (see my GitHub profile as well). We are not affiliated with GitHub.

Our GitHub Actions

Our page features information about several GitHub Actions that we have developed and which are open source. These include the following (each linked to a page with more detail):

Blog Posts About My GitHub Actions

I occasionally post about the GitHub Actions that I've implemented and maintain, as well as other software projects on See my profile for a full list of such posts. Below is a selection of blog posts about my GitHub Actions.