The count-action-users GitHub Action is a meta-action to monitor and report the number of users of a GitHub Action. It generates a Shields endpoint with the count of the number of workflows that use a GitHub Action. It is thus a tool for maintainers of GitHub Actions, and it can be used to insert a badge with a users count into the README for a GitHub Action. The key features include the following:

The count-action-users GitHub Action is implemented in Python, and the source code repository is hosted on GitHub; and it is licensed under the MIT License. Also in the GitHub repository you will find detailed instructions for use including several sample GitHub workflows.

The count-action-users GitHub Action is developed by Vincent A. Cicirello. It was originally implemented for my own use in monitoring the several GitHub Actions that I maintain, but I have decided to share it with others.

Live Examples

Because it features the ability to monitor multiple GitHub Actions from a single workflow, I have one live example, which is the workflow for all of my currently maintained GitHub Actions: count-action-users.yml. The JSON endpoints generated by this workflow can be found at the root of this repository: That repository also contains JSON endpoints for generating other status badges. To inspect one of the relevant JSON files as a sample, consider jacoco-badge-generator.json.

Tech Stack

The count-action-users GitHub Action utilizes the following: