The javadoc-cleanup GitHub Action enables creating mobile-friendly and SEO ready, documentation sites by post-processing javadocs in GitHub Actions. The javadoc-cleanup GitHub action is a utility to tidy up javadocs prior to deployment to an API documentation website, assumed hosted on GitHub Pages. It performs the following functions:

The javadoc-cleanup GitHub Action is implemented in Python, and the source code repository is hosted on GitHub; and it is licensed under the MIT License. Also in the GitHub repository you will find detailed instructions for use including several sample GitHub workflows.

The javadoc-cleanup GitHub Action is developed by Vincent A. Cicirello. It was originally implemented for my own use, but I have decided to share it with others.

Live Examples

Chips-n-Salsa docs.yml
JavaPermutationTools docs.yml

Blog Posts About javadoc-cleanup

As the author of javadoc-cleanup, I occasionally post about this, and other software that I maintain on See my profile for a full list of such posts. Below is a selection of blog posts specifically about javadoc-cleanup.